Wednesday, 13 August 2014

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Many times I have availed the Cab facility of my office whenever I got late for project work. But yesterday I got a new idea from some guys traveling with me in the same cab. In my office when I am availing cab service, its cost is going to be added on your project cost.

So, if I use cab facility many times  without any reason( i.e without project work) my manager going to poke me for sure. So no cab if you have no job until 10 pm. In Kolkata branches you can avail Cab only after 10pm.  Another point is that you need to apply through online portal for Cab service. So any request for cab made by you is being stored and your manager is also being informed. Now what these guys do is that they don’t apply for cab service through portal, instead they directly reaches the boarding point a bit early. Now they  requests the transport people to allocate them to any of the cab as they have forgot to raise a request for cab. For courtesy transport people also assign them on some cab, overpopulating the cab. Now you can’t ask transport people that you have forgot to book a cab on a regular basis. So sometimes they directly boards the cab of their route, without acknowledgment of transport people. Now obvious question is “why do they do that??”.  Now this is totally mind blowing. They saved Rs. 35 daily. “What the hell!!!” this must be your first expression, so was mine. Actually this information was given by one f them.  He even told me that they are saving approx. rs. 500/month. Another essential question that I asked them “don’t you get bored waiting for the cab till 10pm where your office time is upto 6pm?”.  Here also they have some strong logic. They said that they would spend their time on Facebook if they reaches home early. In office they have facebook and even air-conditioned environment and even your late night presence going to effect your rating for sure. So that’s it. New people new idea. These guys shouldn’t  be in technical group , they should be in management. They deserve this. Really hats off guys.

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