Sunday, 14 July 2013

Simple Power Set Generator

Currently I was trying to code some algorithm that one of my friend told me to do. In that algorithm I needed the code of a power-set generator. I first tried to code in my own way but it proved to be not so much simple. Then I found another simple logic to generate power-set. Logic is simple if you want the power-set of a set with n number of elements then just generate all the combination of n boolean variables.

Friday, 5 July 2013

All expired things are not log files.

Distinction between expired unnecessary things and log files is very much vague to me.  May be for this confusion I somehow decided to keep my old expired admit card for December NET exam,2012.  One thing I should tell that I couldn't sit for this exam as my Semester exam and NET exam collided. Whatever I got another chance for the exam in June,2013 as the exam holds twice a year. Just before the exam when the exam centers were published then I found that my center is "South calcutta girl's College". Then I searched the college in Google Map and the route to it. Till  then I had no problem. But on the day of exam before going to the centre I somehow decided to match the center with the printed copy of my Admit card. Then I  found that my center is not the above specified college but another one. I didn't have enough time to search the college and go there. Luckily one of my friend Subhajit Ganguly told me that he knows the college and it was near. Then I found that the admit card I was matching for my center was of the december,12 and according to that expired admit card my exam center was South Calcutta girl's College.  However I was lucky enough that the college was not far.