Friday, 2 November 2012


I never tried to write blogs before. After continuous motivation from Arjun Pakrashi (one of my close friends ), starting to write blog posts. I just watched the movie The Terminal by Steven Spielberg. Each movie by him, that I have seen are just his genius creation. In this movie central character Tom Hanks is just awesome. Actually all his movies are just awesome. This is a story of a man Victor Navorski from Krakozhia. He came to know that his country has suspended all travelling privileges on passports as a result of military coup in his country. Airport authority allows him to enter International Transit Lounge until all the problems are sorted out. Then he stumbles upon everything he tries to do there mostly because of his poor English. Gradually he starts to adjust with the area and its people. Meanwhile  he helps a man from Russia carying medicines for his dying father and becomes popular. He meets Amelia and slowly falls in her love. Director beautifully showed all the emotions of Victor, regarding his country, Amelia and all his terminal friends. He nicely pictured the situations where Victor faced various problems. He spends a long time in that lounge just to get a chance to go USA and get a signature from Benny Golson which his father did'nt get. Most of the part of the story took place in that airport lounge and demonstrated beautifully with all the feelings and details which the Steven Spielberg always does with his movie.