Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Falling in Love

Every body says "I fall in love" or "He fell in love". Why people falls in love? Is there any reason behind it?

I never heard any such reason. I think, yes I think (may not all think in the same way) when you falls in love, you have an extra relation to handle, so you need extra time for that. But you can't change the truth that you are given only 24 hours in a day. So you need to manage your time. You need to cut your time from any other place that may be your work time too. Now you will say that "you don't work all the day, there are some time for rest". Yes but are not rest is important? So when you fall in love you are neglecting some job that you should not. But there may some contradictions, some people does balance this new task well, in those case we can't blame that he/she is neglecting his other jobs. Then why we add such a negative word before such pretty word like Love? Is there any statistics that most of the people who falls in love neglects their duties? That may be a reason but I never heard of such statistics. I think we should change this idea of negating Love like this. Better we should say "I woke in love " or "He rise in love". I know these sentence does not sound so sweet as "I fall in love" sounds. But if we continuously use these sentences It will also sound nice after some time and it will be encouraging too.

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