Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Are we machine?

The topic I am going to share may seem to you funny and induced by some movie.  Many times our topic of discussion was distinction between the machine and Human. Some people argues that the things that distinguishes us from the machines are power to think,power to feel. I can feel pity on someone and I may help him though I was instructed to harm him, but a machine can't,It will do as it was instructed. It feels reasonable upto certain distance to me. Yes machine can not feel and can't think. Wait a minute are we sure that machine can't think? Actually I believe machines can think provided that they are given the power to think. How we do something? We observe the situation then analyse the situation and decides to do some thing. Machine also performs some  tasks just in the same way we do. Actually we tells them through their design how to perceive the situation and how to analyse the situation. But you may think our thinking power is not manipulated by some others or it is not pre determined that how we will react to a situation or we are?.  We all know about genes and how it controls our behaviour and characteristics. Is it not same as the embedding controls in machines design? I think as we embeds control information in a machine, our control information is also embedded in our gene. Actually all the things we do are governed by some rule. Same for how we feel. Maybe how we will feel something or someone is all embedded in our  gene. In which situation will we cry or laugh is predetermined, which food will we like, what kind of movie or songs will we like or which kind of people will we like is all predetermined. We are just following the rules according to the situation. If we are feeling sympathy on someone or even falling in love of someone, we are just following the rules. If we can design a machine where we can embed all these kind of control instruction then machines will act as human acts. But due to our limited knowledge we have not been able to read all kind of instructions in our gene, but when we will be able to that we might design a machine that will act as a human accurately. So all that I want to say is that Human body is a big and complex machine (may be controlled by some other ).

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  1. The most fascinating point is how the human mind models the outside world inside their mind. Whatever we do physically is a result of the outcome of the simulation of the virtual world inside our mind which is a representative model of the outside physical world. That outcome is very important and I believe is governed by a very complex chains of rules which themselves are dynamic, changes every moment. Yes, we are not a or not like a state-of-the-art machine, because the complex-most intelligent computer does not model the outside world as the human brains do and also are not complex enough to consider the various things which we handle. If we are able to decipher the way the mind models the outside world then we can make a human-like machine or even humans.